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BRIG RIBs are hand built and finished to exceptional standards, using only the finest materials. Our extensive network of inflatable boat dealers currently covers 14 states, and we’re actively seeking new dealers. Contact us to learn how you can become a BRIG USA dealer!



Go Anywhere. See Everything.

From the horizon to the shoreline, you can explore it all aboard a rigid inflatable boat (RIB), hand-crafted by the leader in RIBs — BRIG.

Meet The New Generation

Discover the world’s most advanced rigid inflatable boats for sale today. At BRIG, we fuse the cutting-edge design, technology and precision engineering of military aeronautics with the very finest marine craftsmanship. We have created a new generation of affordable yet uncompromised RIBs that deliver the very highest levels of performance, safety and enjoyment.

What’s Your Favorite Escape? Embrace It All With BRIG

Whatever your pleasure, thrill or escape, BRIG delivers. With your family, friends or yourself, you can make a day of it with your RIB. Complete any of the following adventures:

  • Shop
  • Dive
  • Visit
  • Ski
  • Explore
  • Relax
  • Dine
  • And more!

Better yet, make it a weekend of excitement and relaxation by promoting your rigid inflatable boat to a convenient, attractive tender for your yacht.


The Competitive Edge of BRIG RIB Boats

What makes BRIG the leading RIB brand in Europe, as well as in Australia, Sweden and Finland? A few decisive factors, which show in each model series of our RIBs, are the following:

  • Quality: The lifestyle of BRIG is simple — unparalleled quality. That’s why all BRIG RIBs, from the Eagle to the Navigator, take their first and final shape at our headquarters in Europe, which is home to our 100,000-square-foot facility for design, production and finishing. Like you, we’re interested in a hands-on approach to life, which is why all our inflatable RIB boats for sale are hand-built and finished by an experienced team with an expert eye for quality.
  • Safety: As water enthusiasts, we’re well aware of the importance of safety. When you’re on the water with a BRIG RIB, you can trust that you and your family are safe. Not only are they shock absorbent and unsinkable, but rigid inflatable boats also feature zero tipping concerns. Plus, they’re fuel efficient, which means you can go that extra mile while on the water without worry over your fuel gauge.
  • Design: No matter your hobby, from scuba diving to water skiing to cove exploration, the functional and aesthetic design of your RIB is a critical factor. That’s why all our RIB models combine form and function — and without compromising quality. The result is the highest level of quality, performance and efficiency in the industry, as well as an exhilarating experience for riders of all ages.
  • Expertise: Our RIBs, or rigid inflatable boats, are the product of ingenuity from an exceptional team of former military aeronautical engineers who understand firsthand the necessity for safety, but also the demand for a thrilling ride. They’re well-aware of the BRIG passion for pushing the boundaries of performance, design and safety.


Experience the Open Water With Rigid Inflatable Boats

Safe. Thrilling. Versatile. That’s how you know it’s a BRIG. Whether you’re zooming across the coastline with family, clipping across the water on a wakeboard with friends or diving into the deep with your scuba diving mates, rigid inflatable boats deliver an experience worth remembering. And with the expertise, technology, and quality of BRIG, you can count on making memories for years to come.

Experience the open water, fresh air and exhilaration of exploration by browsing our RIB inflatable boats for sale, as well as our list of distributors near you, today!


Resources to Find Your Rigid Inflatable Boat

BRIG ensures you have the resources needed to find the perfect RIB for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a recreational boat to enjoy with family and friends or are interested in a new yacht tender to travel back to shore, we have a solution for you.

Choose BRIG and view our resources to find your next rigid inflatable boat.


At a Boat Show Near You

BRIG attend many boat shows across the globe where we delight in welcoming back old friends and making new ones. Boat shows are a wonderful way to show you how special BRIG RIBs are.

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