Dealer Spotlight: Meet West Michigan Yacht Sales

We’d like to introduce you to West Michigan Yacht Sales (WMYS), BRIG USA’s dealer in beautiful Holland Michigan. Owned by Rob Everse & Jon Marcus, WMYS has grown by leaps and bounds since 2018 when Jon and Rob took-on the BRIG line. If you’ve not met Rob of Jon, here’s your chance to learn about…
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Top Five Rigid Inflatable Boats on The Market

Almost ready to take a dive into purchasing a rigid inflatable boat? Now, it’s really just about which one to choose, right? This article is designed to help boaters seek the right inflatable boat, and which ones are the best in the world. It would be easy to choose the most expensive ones and call…
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The BRIG Rigid Inflatable Boat – A Speed Check

An inflatable boat can’t go that fast, right? Well, sure, if you’re talking about a standard inflatable vessel. A BRIG boat is a whole other story. Inflatable vessels are known for their drag, as they are typically made of  synthetic rubber and other similar materials and aren’t really seen as a vessel built for speed.…
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Rigid Inflatable Boats

When the conversation about tenders comes up among boaters, the visuals of inflatable boats come to mind. A tender is designed to service a bigger vessel, typically, and helps passengers and guests go from larger ship to shore, for things like snorkeling, swimming, gunkholing  and more. While BRIG has smaller sized rigid inflatable boats that…
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