Fish From a Top of the Line BRIG Boat

One of the world’s favorite pastimes is fishing, and at BRIG we are totally on board with that sentiment. While our boats are known for zipping around from point to point, they also make incredible fishing boats. That might be harder to imagine in an inflatable style boat, but many of our customers use our…
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Center Console Boats Get an Upgrade

When ex-military, aeronautical engineers, and marine-minded designers get together; the results are remarkable. BRIG has taken what boaters love about center consoles and has wrapped those qualities in a rigid inflatable boat that is taking the industry by storm. The first time a boater sees one of these vessels they forget they are looking at…
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What to Know Before Buying a Rigid Inflatable Boat

The world of rigid inflatable boats is an exciting one. The industry is marked with innovation and advancements all in the name of having a better and safer adventure onboard. Buyers who are thinking about entering this market may have some questions about owning a rigid inflatable boat and are just starting their RIB journey.…
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What is a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)

Boaters who are just now getting to know rigid inflatable boats (RIB) may not know how they are constructed or why they are so popular today. We thought we would take this opportunity to explain a little more about these watercraft and explore their features and capabilities. Ready to learn more? What is a RIB?…
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The BRIG Eagle – Performance and Luxury In One Package

BRIG has been developing watercraft for a long time now, and through those decades we have learned a lot about what performs on the water, what doesn’t and most importantly, what our customers want. When we developed the Eagle lineup, the goal was to bridge high-performance sports quality with luxury trims and amenities. We know…
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