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Make Restocking Enjoyable With the Spacious Falcon 420

The feeling of sailing on a yacht or powerboat can’t be beaten. While you kick up your heels, relax and feel the stress of everyday life slip away, the last thing on your mind should be restocking your supplies. The Falcon 420 RIB tender can take away the hassle and inconvenience of restocking or picking passengers from the dock.

The Falcon 420 is a 13-foot tender with comfortable seating for seven people. Because the boat is shock absorbent, you and your traveling companions will remain comfortable even if the wind is stirring up the water.

Our 13-foot tender is more than six feet wide — offering plenty of space for your passengers to get around comfortably. Even if Mother Nature is less than pleasant, you’ll still be able to navigate your RIB tender’s floor space safely thanks to the boat’s thoughtfully placed hand grips.



13′ 9″


6′ 2″


374 lbs



Falcon 420

An Inflatable Tender That’s as Versatile as It Is Capable

If you’re looking for a 13-foot luxury tender for sale, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms so you can see just how versatile and capable the Falcon 420 is. The boat’s engine can crank out up to 60 horsepower — enough power to cut through the surf and deliver supplies and people with ease.

When it’s fully equipped, the Falcon 420 weighs less than 805 pounds. But despite its light weight, the tender can still haul nearly 2,100 pounds in a single trip.

The Falcon 420’s size makes it easy for you to take to the shore whenever you want to enjoy a night on the town. It’s also a convenient means to explore the shoreline and discover hidden coves without having to pull your larger boat’s anchor.

Whether you’re transporting goods or people in your Falcon 420, you’ll feel confident behind the wheel knowing that your vessel is neither tippable nor sinkable. If you’re going to let your kids use your tender for the first time, you’ll be glad to know that the RIB will not cause damage if it hits another boat.

Let your worries about cleaning, maintaining and transporting your vessel melt away — the Falcon 420 is a breeze to clean and maintain. You can even get your vessel from one launch point to another without having to worry about towing.

Falcon 420 Seat

Contact BRIG USA for More Information

Once you step foot in the Falcon 420, your search for a premium tender will be over. Manufactured in Europe using lightweight and durable materials, competitively priced and safe — it doesn’t get any better than the Falcon 420. To learn more about this tender or our extensive inventory of RIBs, contact BRIG USA today.

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