Performance Meets Elegance

With its contemporary styling and undeniable comfort and performance, the BRIG Eagle series redefines your sense of adventure and luxury. Turn dining into an experience with local foods and drinks aboard your craft. Discover everything the water and shore have to offer with all-day diving and shopping excursions with your family and friends. Tender your new RIB inflatable boat to your yacht, and spend the evening under the stars.


Better by design

With its iconic, easy-on-the-eyes design and best-in-class stability, the BRIG Navigator series offers a multitude of possibilities. Grab your family and friends, and spend the day in the sun water skiing, scuba diving and swimming. Or, make for the coastline and discover hidden coves, rock formations and other awe-inspiring structures that make for memorable experiences and eye-catching photos.

Falcon Tender

Fiberglass Hull option

With its usefulness as a tender for your powerboats and yachts, as well as smooth, dry ride, the BRIG Falcon Tender series takes you to your newest adventures. Make your weekend on the water full of excursions with your friends and family with your Falcon Tender. Cruise to nearby islands, coves, beaches and natural wonders, making the journey an exploration with the performance and quality of BRIG.

BRIG Models

Head for the Horizon With BRIG USA

The sky’s clear. The water’s quiet. The wind’s mild. It’s time to choose your adventure, from scuba diving off the coast with friends to embracing a lazy day on the water with family. No matter your pleasure, you can discover a new RIB boat for sale that captures your sense of adventure, whether it’s your thrill for excitement or your desire for relaxation.

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