Performance Meets Elegance

Why compromise when you can have it all? That’s the question BRIG engineers and designers asked when approaching the BRIG Eagle series, a luxury rigid inflatable boat that shows you can have it all — luxury, performance, quality, safety and more. Behind the wheel, you can define your journey, whether it’s a trip to a nearby island with the family or a dive into the inviting water with friends.

BRIG Eagle Series


Discover Adventure With Family and Friends

Make every day an adventure aboard your Eagle rigid inflatable boat. Hit the water for an expedition to a nearby coastal area with your family and friends. Zoom across the water, sending your friends’ adrenaline into overdrive as they water ski and wakeboard. Dive into the crisp, clear water of your favorite lagoon with every member of your circle, mooring your luxury rigid inflatable boat with ease on the shore.

With exceptional shock absorbency as well as zero risks of tipping, this luxury rigid inflatable boat for sale is not only a thrilling choice but also a logical one when you’re considering safety and comfort for you, your family and your friends. Plus, it offers plenty of seating, letting you invite up to 10 people for your next getaway without worry over them having a rough ride in calm or choppy waters.


Entertain Every Age Like Never Before

Give yourself a well-deserved break with a weekend excursion on your yacht or luxury rigid inflatable boat with your kids or close friends. Pack a meal beforehand, or pick up a dish to-go from your favorite eatery, bakery or restaurant for a dining experience on the water. With the addition of a removable table, which is standard or optional on select Eagle rigid inflatable boat models, you can dine with friends and family as you watch the sunset.

Add extra comfort to your lazy days on the water with comfortable seating that’s signature to BRIG. You can enhance your relaxing day on the water even more with the addition of a bow sundeck set with cushions, as well as a bimini that covers you in the shade. And if your kids are ready to go, you can always moor on the shoreline and watch them play in the water and sand as you sit back.


Renew Your Sense of Adventure With BRIG USA

With a reputation built on years of expertise and RIBs, BRIG has demonstrated its commitment to a lifestyle that’s invested in quality, performance and safety, as well as pushing the boundaries with each luxury rigid inflatable boat its engineers design. Whether you’re searching for a haven of relaxation or a powerhouse of adventure, the BRIG Eagle series is everything you desire and demand in a luxury rigid hull inflatable boat.

Ready to redefine what it means to explore? Discover a dealer near you with luxury RIB boats for sale today, or contact us to learn more about the thrill of the BRIG Eagle series!