Navigator 610 Inflatable Boat


Enjoy a Breathtaking Cruise Experience

The Navigator 610 is ideal for anyone interested in experiencing adventure on the water in a novel way. Boasting a bold, sleek style, this large RIB boat measures 20 feet in length and more than seven feet in width. Weighing 1,250 pounds when unoccupied, the Navigator 610 is ready to provide a smooth, stable ride — even when you’re traveling at top speeds.

Whether you want to go for a leisurely cruise along the shoreline or you want to engage in your favorite water sports, this 20-foot rigid inflatable boat is prepared for anything you have planned. Able to generate up to 150 horsepower, the Navigator 610 can tow water skiers and wakeboarders with ease. If you’re eager to enjoy a picnic on a remote island, this 20-ft rib boat can whisk you across the water to your destination as quickly or slowly as you want to go.

The vessel has comfortable seating at its bow and additional seats near the stern. You’ll also find comfortable bench seats at the helm, while extra ergonomic jockey seats are also available. This RIB can accommodate up to 10 adult passengers, and it’s rated for a 2,860-pound maximum capacity. With the ability to transport so much weight, you won’t have to worry about leaving anyone or anything at the dock when you’re the captain of a Navigator 610.



20′ 0″


7′ 7″


1250 lbs



Navigator 610

Combining Spaciousness and Maneuverability

The Navigator 610 is the second largest rigid inflatable boat in the Navigator lineup. This 20-ft RIB boat is built with a reinforced deep-V hull, extra-wide tubes, an extended waterline length and a square bow. These features combine to produce an incredibly sturdy, dry ride — even if the water is choppy and churning.

Our 20-foot rigid inflatable boat is unsinkable and easy to maneuver. If you’re a novice captain, you won’t have to worry if your RIB accidentally makes contact with another vessel — as an inflatable boat, the Navigator 610 won’t cause any damage.

While the Navigator 610 is the second largest Navigator model we sell, the RIB is still quite nimble and easy to park. With a 32-gallon gas tank and superior fuel efficiency, you won’t have to worry about tying up to the dock to refuel any more often than you choose to.

Unlike many traditional boats, the Navigator 610 is simple to clean and maintain. It’s also easy to transport from one location to another, making it an excellent choice for any on-the-go water enthusiast.

Navigator 610 Rail

Order Your Navigator 610 Today

BRIG USA is proud to carry the most extensive inventory of rigid inflatable boats in the United States. Every RIB we sell is constructed in Europe with the highest quality materials available, including the Navigator 610.

This 20-ft RIB boat for sale is the premium vessel of your dreams. For further information or to order a Navigator 610, contact BRIG USA today.

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